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SANANA has earned a reputation for using Hida's seasonal ingredients, that the owner himself has collected with his own hands in the nature, to sublimate them into Japanese cuisine. However, there is a limit to the amount of food that can be obtained from nature using one's own physical strength, and it is also affected by changes in the weather and environment, so it is not possible to sustainably supply large amounts of them.
Spring wild vegetables, Summer river fish, Autumn wild mushrooms, and Winter wild game each have their own peak season, and regular customers come to SAKANA aiming for those seasons. In the gap of seasons of these natural supply, we recommend our customer to take Hida beef course which is sustainable all year round.
Hida-beef, known as one of the finest quality of Wagyu beef, meets every standard, and is of the highest quality in marbling, luster, color, texture and scent. SAKANA only use top grade A5 beef from a trusted supplier.
Seats and courses have to be reserved in advance. We do not keep an unnecessary amount of food in stock to reduce food loss.

This is a small family run size restaurant. Despite the number of seats and the capacity, only two staffs are working for this restaurant. Each room designed to match the customer’s occasion, and it is not intended to make the seat full. Both of us work hard to give good services to every guest, however when we have a big group or, a few groups taking different courses, there is a limit what two staffs can do. We have no access our phones and emails while we're procuring ingredients outfields where network signal doesn’t reach. We appreciate your understanding.

Chef’s profile(HAYAO IMAI)

Born in Gero City of Hida district, Hayao Imai spent his childhood in the beautiful nature of Hida Mountains. He left his home town and moved to Kansai to be a chef.
Imai trained at a traditional Japanese restaurant in Kyoto and then became the head chef of an innovative restaurant in Osaka. After ten years of culinary experience in Kansai area, he came back to Hida and opened ‘SAKANA’ in Takayama town centre in 1991. The novel restaurant ‘SAKANA’ which took advantage of his experience in Kansai brought new breeze at that time of Takayama restaurant industry.
While running 'SAKANA’ in Takayama, Imai was inspired by the nature of Hida and found the value of Hida’s local ingredients. For twenty years, ‘SAKANA’ at town centre was very prosperous but Imai was driven by the desire to let customers enjoy the Hida’s seasonal ingredients in a quiet and relaxing space in the suburbs. He was delighted to find the ideal location for his dream restaurant in 2011 and to now.
His love of quality ingredients and good simple cooking, that is at the heart of his approach to food. He collects wild vegetables and mushrooms in the Hida Mountains, goes to river to fish. Games are obtained trusted and skilled hunters.


Special care is taken for space and performance so that you can enjoy your time and good food while feeling great. The special care includes the slide show of the four seasons of Hida using a large screen at the counter, meals to enjoy while gazing at the garden, and the food cooked over the hearth at the annex of an old-style Japanese house.

Seating Information

reservation only

Reservations are necessary for both lunch and dinner. Please make your reservation through the form. When the reservation is complete we will send a confirmation email.
Inquiries and reservations from non-Japanese customers can only be made through this site below.
We will not be accepting any direct inquiries or reservations by phone or email any longer.


12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


5:30 pm - 9:00 pm



From the Takayama Station, you can get to our shop in 10 minutes by car(taxi:1200yen-1500yen).

Takayama Sakana
1126-1 Echigomachi
Takayama, Gifu Prefecture 506-0033
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*Free parking available.
*It's a three minutes' walk from the Hotel Associa Takayama Resort.